Veterans plea for military to join protest of Harper government

WATCH ABOVE: Veterans advocate Ron Clarke says “we need a government that will look after veterans”

OTTAWA – A group of angry veterans, who want the Harper government defeated in the next election, is appealing to serving members of the military to join them in protest.

Ron Clarke, a member of Canada Coalition for Veterans who has been campaigning against the closure of Veterans Affairs offices, made the appeal today during a Parliament Hill news conference.

It may put those in uniform in an awkward position, but Clarke says they need a government that looks after veterans.

Watch below: Clarke “will rally troops” when district offices close

The plea is just the latest move in what is a major rift in the veterans community, one that has the potential of undermining the coalition’s aim of galvanizing votes against the Conservatives.

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Last week, a group of outspoken veterans advocates announced that six organizations had formed a coalition that would, at a minimum, boycott government announcements and photo-ops.

The coalition says a low-key approach to confronting the government has not worked and spokesman Mike Blais says the Royal Canadian Legion seems satisfied with current disability awards for the most severely wounded troops.

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