Local Ice cream company “Screamin Brothers” gaining national attention

It’s a story that began in 2010.

The Wikkerink family was in the process of adopting their second child David from Haiti, when an earthquake struck. His orphanage was destroyed, forcing him to live in a tent. Another adopted brother Joseph arrived only a few weeks before the earthquake struck.

J.R and Dawson Wikkerink knew they wanted to do something to help the children of Haiti.

“We wanted to send money back and J.R is a huge ice cream lover, but I am lactose and gluten intolerant so he decided to make something free of all of my allergies,” explained Dawson.

It didn’t take long for Screamin Brothers gluten-free ice cream to become a hit. The special dairy, allergen and gluten-free frozen treats have since taken the country by storm, available at hundreds of locations in Canada, including their home city of Lethbridge.

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“When people say they have not had ice cream in like five years, and they try our product their face lights up and they are so enthusiastic,” adds J.R.

The brothers could see that the more frozen treats they sold, the more children they could help. Five per cent of all Screamin Brothers profits are given to local and international charities. Now, the Wikkerinks are gaining international attention on the hit Canadian TV series Dragon’s Den, set to air Wednesday night.

If sales are any indication, the brothers should be an attractive investment. Between 2012 and 2013, they made a profit of $105,000. This year, that figure is expected to rise to $500,000.