Fans complain about problems buying Boots and Hearts tickets

TORONTO – Tickets for Boots and Hearts 2015 just went on sale, but the country music festival has already hit a sour note among some fans.

“The amount of problems and issues that I have had just trying to get to the festival and trying to get in for camping and buy tickets is really frustrating for me,” said Charley Thomas, who has gone to the festival for the past three years.

As a loyal fan, Thomas was able to purchase early bird tickets at a rate of $169. But it didn’t work out for her when she went online.

“I went to use a pre-pay option that Boots and Hearts had told us would be available, and instead I went on the on sale time and nothing worked,” said Thomas.

Pre-sale tickets were sold out within minutes. The next day, she tried again for the next allotment of tickets that cost $199.

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“The link said I didn’t have permission to update the event and no matter how many times I clicked on it. It gave me the same message,” she said. “I wasn’t the only one that had that problem.”

On the Boots and Hearts Facebook page, there are many fans who reported the same problem. Republic Live, the organization behind the country music festival said there shouldn’t have been a problem.

“That has been working for us.” said Republic Live’s Director of Public Relations, Laura Kennedy.

“We did see comments on our Facebook page and we did answer all the people back and tell them exactly how they could do it.”

This is not the first time fans have experienced problems. Global News reported in 2013 about fans who were able to buy tickets for the event but not able to obtain camping passes. This year, organizers have rectified the situation by moving to a new venue, north of Barrie.

“One of the biggest issues for us last year was camping and being able to go on sale with sufficient camping to meet all of the demands from fans.” said Kennedy. “The grounds at Burl’s Creek will really allow us to do that so we’ll have a lot more space.”

Thomas got her tickets with the third allotment at $229 each. She said she didn’t want to take her chances with the payment plan option again, so she paid in full.

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“I ended up paying a lot more for tickets than I had originally planned on paying for.”

Florida Georgia Line is one of the acts that will be performing at the event held August 6 – August 9. More performers will be announced during the Country Music Awards.