Coroner says woman who died in Montreal metro had scarf caught in escalator

Rharouity lost her life in the most horrific way. Her scarf and hair somehow got caught between the moving steps in a metro escalator, strangling her. Facebook

MONTREAL – A woman who was strangled by her own clothing on a Montreal metro escalator died after her scarf became caught in the mechanism, says a coroner’s report.

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Naima Rharouity’s death by asphyxiation last January has been declared an accident by coroner Paul Dionne.

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Rharouity, a 47-year-old mother of two, was travelling down the escalator toward the metro platform when her scarf became trapped.

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Dionne says it’s impossible to know if the article of clothing became caught first, causing her to fall, or if she simply fell first.

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There were no witnesses.

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Dionne says her scarf, coat and hair were trapped in the escalator and that she was strangled by her scarf and hair.

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He noted that Rharouity was 160 centimetres tall and her scarf was 157 centimetres long.

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The coroner recommended that Montreal’s transit commission revise its escalator maintenance program and launch an awareness campaign.

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Since 2012, there have been 24 falls on Montreal metrp escalators – including four at the Fabre station where the tragedy occurred.

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