Getting your home and garden ready for winter

Wrapping Evergreen trees in burlap will help them make it through winter.

WINNIPEG – Many Winnipeggers will be taking advantage of what could be the last warm weekend of the year, preparing their homes and gardens for winter.

“You may want to net certain evergreens so that this way they don’t spread open or collapse because of wet snow,” said Ram Tiodin with Lacoste Garden Centre.

Trees like Evergreens need extra protection, so wrapping them in burlap will keep them hydrated and shaded from reflective snow so they aren’t rusty in colour come spring.

And putting some time towards raking your yard is also a good idea.

“A clean yard is going to prevent diseases and places for bugs to home over winter so if you can rake up as many of your leaves,” said Tiodin.

Gardening experts also recommend to mow your lawn shorter than usual to help prevent snow mold.

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Inside your home there’s just as much winterizing to do. Humidifiers, heaters, and door/window seals are hot commodities.

“Our window installation kits are a necessity and furnace filters, make sure you’re stocked up on those, furnaces will start running like crazy,” said Paul Richardson with Canadian Tire.

The City will also start prepping for winter this weekend by cleaning leaves and debris off streets starting Sunday.

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