Ripple the weather dog (and Internet sensation) has been adopted

Watch above: Mike Sobel attempts to give the weather forecast but Ripple the dog just wants to play.

EDMONTON – Ripple the dog – who became an Internet darling after a particularly rambunctious weather segment with Global’s Mike Sobel – has found a home.

The Edmonton Humane Society told Global News Tuesday afternoon that Ripple’s adoption papers had been signed.

The couple that is adopting Ripple live on an acreage near Devon, Alberta. Dennis and Susan Paulsen already have a Great Dane and have adopted animals through the Humane Society in the past.

“We fell in love with him as soon as we saw him,” said Susan.

Last Wednesday, the one-year-old Shepherd-Mastiff cross appeared on the Global Edmonton Morning News as part of the weekly Adopt a Pet segment.

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When Mike brought Ripple up to the weather board to do the forecast with him, the young pup stole the spotlight.

The video has since been covered by dozens of media outlets around the world including CNN, the Chive, Perez Hilton, BuzzFeedGawkerPeople magazine, and Ellen Degeneres even posted the video on her show’s Facebook page.

“We are excited,” added Dennis. “We saw Ripple on TV and we had a dog that passed away this summer that was a Great Dane-Mastiff cross very much like Ripple except a lot bigger.

“Our other Dane, Zoe, has been lonesome ever since he passed away.

“She’s just been lonesome and just not getting the activity she needed,” explained Dennis. “Ripple looks to be the perfect thing for her.”

The pup’s enormous amount of energy didn’t scare the couple away.

“He seems to be a little out of control but nothing we haven’t seen before,” said Dennis with a smile.

(Raw video: Ripple the dog – and Internet sensation – has been adopted. Global News was there when he got acquainted with his new family.)

Susan feels they’re up to the challenge.

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“We’ve adopted many Great Danes and we’ve adopted various dogs that have had very, very hard beginnings in life. We’ve worked through that, and helped them and given them good homes.

“We’re big for rescuing dogs. With the property we have and a playmate ready to go, we’re so excited about getting him home,” she said.

“We’re thankful for him being on the show because, without that, we wouldn’t have known he was here.

“He’s now become part of our family.”

The Edmonton Humane Society said it’s a great ending to a fun story.

“It all started just under a week ago when we brought Ripple in to do our regular segment on the Morning News and Mike took him on for the weather cast and the video went viral,” said Warren Dean.

“We’re really happy that Ripple found his forever home.”

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“This is a regular segment we do every Wednesday,” Mike said during an interview with Inside Edition Monday. “I typically go on the air and do my weather cast and bring the animal with me.”

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“I’ve probably been doing those segments for about 15 years and I can certainly say this was the most rambunctious dog that I’ve come across.”

“But the bottom line was… I wanted to get that dog adopted,” added Mike.

For more information on adopting a pet, visit the Edmonton Humane Society’s website.

(Watch below: Since Mike and Ripple’s weather segment aired Wednesday morning, it’s been featured on CNN, the Chive and Ellen. Emily Mertz has more on the Ripple effect.)

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