Saskatchewan wheat quality expected to be lower than usual

Watch above: Farmers deal with less than ideal grades of grain

SASKATOON – Saskatchewan farmers will likely produce lower quality wheat this year, according to the director of a farming organization.

Western Canadian Wheat Growers executive director Blair Rutter only expected 20 to 30 per cent of wheat harvested in Saskatchewan to be considered “high quality,” compared to 80 per cent last year.

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The last provincial crop report echoed Rutter’s statement. It stated that “quality continues to be a concern for many producers” in Saskatchewan.

Wet weather and disease can cause the quality of a crop to decline. However, not everyone in the province is feeling the pinch.

Maurice Delage owns a farm in Indian Head, Sask. and said the majority of his wheat crop is high in quality.

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He attributes this to the fact that he seeded the crop early and harvested the crop before detrimental fall weather.

“You just have to go to the Regina area, which is only 35 to 40 miles from us, and it’s a very different situation,” said Maurice.

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