5 things you didn’t know about Eric Martsolf

Watch above: Eric Martsolf and Richard Dagenais on the Morning News. 

MONTREAL- You may know him as Brady Black, the sculpted bad boy from long-time running soap opera “Days of our Lives,” but what do you really know about the actor who plays him?

Here are 5 things you may not know about the Emmy award-winner and daytime television hunk, Eric Martsolf.

1. His acting days might be numbered

Beware Ron Burgundy! Eric has had a taste of TV hosting and loves it.

So much so that he is exploring the idea of getting into it professionally.

He even took over the Global Montreal Morning News desk! What do you think of his hosting debut?

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WATCH: Move over Richard and Camille, there’s a new host in town

2. He sang a duet with Dolly Parton 

Before he was a full-time actor, Martsolf was an entertainer and singer on a Hawaiian cruise ship.

He was spotted by Dolly Parton’s “people,” who recruited him to sing in Dollywood with the country star.

Parton’s first words when meeting the gorgeous Martsolf could very well have been “I will always love you” – well, actually “she asked where the bathroom was,” confessed Martslof to Global News.

Nevertheless, his three-month stint in Nashville turned into a three-year sojourn.

WATCH: Eric Martsolf co-hosts the Morning News

3. His super-hero name would be ‘Booster Gold’

Martsolf’s super alter-ego is in honour of his role as DC Comics’ character from the future on the hit TV series “Smallville.”

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“It was an episode directed by Tom Welling,” said Martsolf, adding that filming that episode was the most fun he’s ever had on the job!

Would he ever wear the costume again?

“Only to Costco,” he said in a tweet.

4. Don’t ever buy him a sweater 

Especially a Christmas sweater.

If you want to please Eric, know that “gift cards are best.” Then again…

It looks a little warm for a sweater. Photo courtesy of

Enough said, right ladies?

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5. He’s got strange enemies in strange places

“A woman threw an avocado at me at the grocery store,” he confessed to Global News.

“She was upset about how my Passion’s character Ethan was behaving with his wife.”

Eric played Ethan Winthrop in Passions shown here on his wedding to Gwen Winthrop. Photo courtesy of
Eric played Ethan Winthrop in Passions shown here on his wedding to Gwen Winthrop. Photo courtesy of

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