Calgary zoo welcomes crane hatchlings

African Crowned Crane Chick. Calgary Zoo

CALGARY – There’s a couple new chicks drawing attention at the Calgary Zoo.

Two new African crowned crane chicks hatched last week to new parents Duke and Duchess.

It’s the first time in thirty years any birds of that species have successfully reproduced.

Duchess has been at the zoo since 2011 and Duke since 1995.

According to Curator Dr. Maly Celli, Duke and Duchess are proving to be proud, protective parents.

“The little cranes are precious and are being carefully guarded by their parents,” says Celli.

“We are not certain of their sex at this stage; however [we] have a couple of “royal names” in mind to keep with the regal theme when the time comes.”
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The family of four now share their home with a few other animals of the Savannah, including giraffe, ostrich and a zebra.

The family is expected to stay together for almost a year, until the young look to form their own flock.

The cranes, from Eastern sub-Saharan Africa and South Africa can grow over 1.2 metres tall.

Proud parents gaurd African Crowned Crane Chick. Calgary Zoo

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