Papers apologize for Jordan Subban caption

VANCOUVER – Both the Vancouver Sun and The Province newspapers are issuing apologies this morning for a photo caption that appeared on their websites.

The picture shows members of the Vancouver Canucks celebrating a goal at Tuesday night’s game against the San Jose Sharks.

The papers are coming under fire for the way the prospect Jordan Subban is identified after scoring his first goal in a NHL game – as the “dark guy in the middle.”

The papers say the description was written by a photographer and say the caption should never have appeared online.

“Usually these things do not go up with the caption information provided by the photographers,” saidĀ Harold Munro, Vancouver Sun editor. “There’s someone there to check for spelling and consistency and issues like this. But at the end of the hockey game when there’s a flood of photos coming in and we’re trying to get those things up online quickly, mistakes happen and this is a very regrettable mistake.”

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