Last rescue flight returns to Calgary from storm-ravaged Cabo San Lucas

WATCH ABOVE: After dealing with a hurricane, riots and rations of food and water, 45 Calgary students finally found their way home tonight. Gary Bobrovitz reports.

CALGARY – A final group of about 45 Canadians who were stuck in the hurricane-ravaged Mexican resort area of Cabos San Lucas are back home after Calgary-based WestJet airlines sent a plane down to get them.

The vacation turned into mayhem when Hurricane Odile knocked out power, water and phone service, sparking widespread looting.

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There were hugs and tears of relief at Calgary’s airport Friday night as the tourists disembarked from what’s being called a “mercy flight.”

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WestJet flew 4,000 bottles of water to Los Cabos on Friday and offered a free return flight to any Canadians who wanted to get out of the area.

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Megan Lucks says the airline was “amazing,” putting the passengers into a hangar and giving them food and water before letting them board the flight.

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Cody Krantz says one morning, the hotel he was staying in issued a warning that patrons might have to lock themselves in their rooms if rioting and looting that was happening in the town spread to the resort.

PHOTO GALLERY: Destruction at RIU Santa Fe, Los Cabo. Courtesy of Brad Lutz of Delta. 

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