WATCH: Learn more about New Brunswick’s political party leaders

The leaders of the New Brunswick Conservative, Liberal, New Democrat, Green and People's Alliance parties are shown (L to R): David Alward, Brian Gallant, Dominic Cardy, David Coon, Kris Austin. File/Global News/The Canadian Press

New Brunswickers head to the polls to elect their next premier on Monday following a month-long campaign filled with promises to fix a flagging economy and debates about contentious issues including fracking and job loss.

Over the past week, Global News reporter Laura Brown had a chance to sit down with each of the five party leaders to learn more about the men whose names will be on the ballots that people cast.

(Note: Videos below appear in alphabetical order of candidates’ last names.)

David Alward, Progressive Conservative

Kris Austin, People’s Alliance

Dominic Cardy, NDP

David Coon, Green

Brian Gallant, Liberal

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