Appeal dismissed on body rub centre in McCauley

WATCH ABOVE: Frustration is growing for residents of one Edmonton neighbourhood. An appeal has been filed against another body rub centre in McCauley. Vinesh Pratap reports.

EDMONTON – Plans for another body rub centre in the McCauley neighbourhood are not going over well.

Approval has been given for the centre to open on the second floor of a building located on 108 Avenue and 98 Street.

An appeal was filed by McCauley resident Nicholas Hermansen, but because he lives outside of a 60-metre radius of the business, he was told his appeal could not be heard Wednesday.

“Everybody has to speak up and make their voice heard and it’s just sad when it’s not heard by the city (subdivision and) development appeal board,” said Hermansen.

“These sorts of developments have a huge social impact on the neighbourhood, forget the fact that this will be the third such development in McCauley,” he explained. “Time and time again we see the example of, ‘what’s not okay in other neighbourhoods is okay in McCauley.'”

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While the location falls within bylaw restrictions, concerns remain over its proximity to a school and daycare.

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“There’s over 240 neighbourhoods in the city,” said McCauley resident Kate Quinn. “So, in any given year, there are over 40 body rub parlours. We think it’s time that there be some equitable distribution of body rub parlours.”

“We already have two in McCauley,” she explained.

McCauley is an inner city neighbourhood located south of 111 Avenue, east of 101 Street.

“It’s a very dynamic and wonderful neighbourhood, great people,” said McCauley resident and mother Kylee. “It’s definitely changing.”

“If I see Johns driving around the block in front of my house and my kids are outside playing – I have two daughters and a son – and it worries me.”

“We already have had men trolling our streets to pick up very vulnerable women standing on our street corners,” said Quinn.

“We don’t want any more of that traffic in McCauley.”

Residents have said the proposed business location would be 104 metres from a school.

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The bylaw forbids body rub centres within 100 metres of schools.

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“We’ve advocated for a minimum 300-metre separation from child serving agencies and faith communities,” said Quinn.

The owner of the proposed business did not return Global News’ request for an interview.

With files from Vinesh Pratap, Global News.

*Editor’s note: This story was originally published on Tuesday, September 16. It was updated on Wednesday to include the decision of the appeal board.