TIFF: Bill Murray gets soaked at ‘St. Vincent’ screening

TORONTO – Bill Murray soaked up the attention Friday as the Toronto International Film Festival named the day in his honour — and he got soaked when a thunderstorm hit the city just before a screening of his new movie St. Vincent.

A wet Murray walked the red carpet at the Princess of Wales Theatre along with co-star Melissa McCarthy.

Earlier in the day, Murray materialized after a Toronto screening of Ghostbusters and proceeded to answer his devoted fans’ questions for nearly an hour.

After it was over, Murray signed autographs and snapped photos with fans until a handler finally persuaded him to exit.

And among those pressing queries: How was Bill Murray Day for Bill Murray himself?

“I sort of stayed in my room,” said Murray. “I stayed in my room for a long time today but people kept coming up saying things like: ‘It’s real humid out there.’ I think maybe seven different people go like: ‘Well, it’s real humid and it’s going to get even more humid.’

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“That’s what my day’s been like. It’s mostly been a weather report.”

The Toronto International Film Festival runs through Sept. 14.

– with files by Global News

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