Top 6 ways to help prevent conflicts with coyotes

File photo of a coyote. File / City of Edmonton

EDMONTON – Coyote sightings tend to spike in Edmonton around this time of year, as now is the time when coyote pups start separating from their packs to venture out on their own.

“Sometimes this means they get into mischief as they learn to live on their own and establish territory,” explained Ramsey Cox, a park ranger with the City of Edmonton.

Cox says coyotes usually avoid humans unless they become accustomed to being fed by people or they protect their food or den.

Cox suggests the following six tips to prevent conflicts with coyotes:

  • do not feed coyotes
  • do not leave garbage out (take it out only on the morning of collection)
  • do not leave fallen fruit from trees or bird seed spilled from feeders on the ground
  • do not leave pet food outside
  • do not walk your dog off leash in areas frequented by coyotes
  • do not leave small dogs or cats out in the yard unattended for long periods of time

As the city expands into coyote habitat, more of the animals are beginning to adapt to food sources in residential areas.

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By some estimates, there are upwards of 400 coyotes in the city, with most dwelling in the Edmonton River Valley. They tend to come out at night or early morning and can travel up to 20 kilometres a day searching for food.

For more information on coyotes, visit the City of Edmonton’s website.

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