WATCH: Bear takes a dip in backyard kiddie pool while family watches

When Toshi Miyamoto first heard his daughter shouting “big bear!” from the living room this past Sunday, he thought she must be referring to the place.

“We just came back from Big Bear Mountain,” Miyamoto told KNBC News in Los Angeles. “So [I thought] she is talking about Big Bear mountain.”

But sure enough, when the San Gabriel Valley resident looked out at his backyard, he got the shock of his life: a brown bear, lazily rolling about in his family’s kiddie pool.

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That’s when he got out his camera.

“Oh my god, there is a bear Carole!” Miyamoto can be heard shouting to his wife, as the family gathered around the patio door to watch the animal in action.

It quickly became apparent the bear was interested simply in beating the heat on the stifling hot Sunday afternoon, with temperatures going above above 32 degrees Celsius.

And while he may have been a bit too big for the children’s wading pool, the overheated bear seemed quite relaxed as he sloshed about – much to the delight of Miyamoto’s three triplets.

The three-year-olds seem quite taken with the uninvited swimmer, cheerfully narrating the action from inside the house.

But Miyamoto drew the line when one of them asked to go outside to “take a wook” at the bear.

Eventually the bear lost interest and left over their fence, leaving the family with an incredible story to tell – and the video to prove it.

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