BCTF and government back at the bargaining table Friday

WATCH ABOVE: For the first time since June, both sides in the BC teachers’ dispute resumed talks Friday, weeks ahead of the new school year. Here’s Jill Bennett.

With September 2 just a few weeks away, the teachers’ union and the province sat down at the bargaining table Friday.

“I’m optimistic we can reach a negotiated settlement,” said Fassbender.

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It’s been more than a month since the two sides have met and with the start of the new school year fast approaching, many parents are expressing anger they have been left in limbo.

The sticking points in reaching a new deal have been around wages, class size and composition.

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In an effort to help parents, the government has promised parents $40 per day for childcare, for children under the age of 13, if the strike continues into the school year.

BCTF President Jim Iker said the decision to give parents financial aid, stripped funding from B.C. students.

“This scheme will not help improve class sizes, increase support for children with special needs, or provide more one-on-one time for all students. It is my hope that the government will redirect its energies into reaching an agreement with BC teachers through mediation this summer,” said Iker.

Talks will resume on Monday.



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