Drivers use dashcam video to help police crack down on bad drivers

CALGARY- It turns out lead-footed drivers don’t just need to look out for police anymore.

Dash cameras have become popular with many drivers, and some people are even turning the footage over to investigators when they witness an infraction.

Robert Yost recently saw a woman run a red light in Airdrie, and brought the video to RCMP as evidence.

“I feel that dash cameras can help make our roads safer,” he explains. “Just because there isn’t a police car behind you doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want when you’re on the road.

“There are a lot of idiots out on the road, and sometimes greater accountability can go a long way.”

RCMP say they investigate all complaints, and have no issue using third party video to determine if charges are warranted.

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“It’s no different than any other investigation,” says Cpl. Darrin Turnbull. “We’re going to look at all the evidence that’s presented to us and provided.”

However, he doesn’t encourage those with dash cameras to drive around looking for violations.

“If you see something and something happens in front of you and you happen to catch it on camera, that’s one thing. But if you’re actively out looking we don’t need that because you’re putting yourself at risk.”

He warns that if the video shows the driver moving the camera while in transit, they could be charged with distracted driving.

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