Rob Ford orders 5 espressos in 1 cup on coffee run with Deadmau5

WATCH: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and Deadmau5 go for coffee at Tim Hortons

TORONTO – Rob Ford is just the latest person to get a coffee with Deadmau5.

The 30-minute video, apparently shot via inward-facing dashboard-mounted camera and posted to YouTube, features the T-shirted musician riding with Ford in the passenger seat talking about everything from politics to football (“I love football. It’s cool,” the mayor says) and the quality of parking garages in the city (the one at city hall, Deadmau5 says, isn’t suited for his Ferrari).

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The musician got a extra-large double-double and the mayor ordered five espresso shots in one cup.

The mayor paid for the coffee.

They also talked about potholes – Deadmau5 referred to one, in particular, as “the widowmaker.” The mayor promised to get it fixed, citing broken windows theory as his motivation for tackling these apparently small-scale priorities.

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“They seem little in the grand scheme of things,” he said. “But the people that go over them every single day, that’s a major inconvenience for them.

The DJ has released dozens of videos of him driving with celebrities including Russell Peters, Pharrell and Tom Green.

“This thing can fly,” Ford said. “How fast can you get it up to?”

The DJ says he’s got the Ferrari to 210 miles per hour.

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