Twitter account exposing bad Edmonton parkers

WATCH ABOVE: Trish Kozicka introduces you to Brian LaBelle, the man behind a Twitter account publicly shaming Edmonton drivers who haven’t quite figured out how to properly park.

EDMONTON – We’ve all seen them. Those drivers who seem to think that one parking stall just isn’t enough for their vehicle. So they choose to take up two spots, or even more.

“One of the worst ones I still think is this guy who was in a truck and had it parked vertically across three handicap spots in front of a liquor store,” said Brian LaBelle, the man behind the Twitter account YEGs Worst Parking.

bad parking
An example of what not to do, or risk being publicly shamed on Twitter. Posted on Twitter by user @BeyondtheCrayon.

“There’s actually been two in Edmonton of people parked across three handicapped stalls, and it’s you know…’oh I’ll just be a minute,’ or whatever the attitude is that they think they can do that.”

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LaBelle sees the public shaming as somewhat of a public service. He says it gives people an outlet to vent their pent-up frustrations about entitled drivers; and, in some cases, makes drivers break bad habits they didn’t know they had.

“The first day we had the Twitter account we had a couple moms share pictures of people who were parked so close to their vehicle that they couldn’t put their child in the back seat…and we had younger, newer drivers say, ‘I don’t have kids, I’ve done that before and I’ve actually never really thought about that.'”

Since LaBelle launched the Twitter account last month, it’s gained more than 3,300 followers, with some Edmontonians sending in photos they’ve been holding onto for years. After seeing interest from Calgarians, LaBelle also started a similar account down there.

“I thought the worst parkers were from Edmonton but we’re getting some doozies from Calgary, as well.

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Vancouver is the latest addition, just launching on Tuesday.

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“I don’t think we’re really going to change the world or anything with a Twitter account. I think some people are aware of how it impacts others now that the Twitter account is out.”

So to avoid being outed as a terrible parker online, just stick to one stall and stay between the lines.

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