July 13, 2014 5:31 pm
Updated: July 14, 2014 5:48 am

UPDATE: Edmonton couple reunited with missing dog


EDMONTON – An Edmonton couple says their dog was found two days after it was stolen from their apartment patio.

The three-pound Maltese was reportedly found in Mill Creek Ravine Sunday without any injuries.

“We’re so excited to have our dog back,” said Ron Carlin.

“We were out at our flyer drive this afternoon on Jasper Ave. and 108 and I got a phone call, and a lady said, ‘Are you missing a little white dog? I’m calling your number off this tag’, and I started freaking out, ‘You got my, you got my dog,'” recalls Shannon Carlin.

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Carlin told Global News she has clear surveillance video of a woman taking her dog ‘Jager’ from her apartment patio, in the area of Whyte Avenue and Mill Creek Ravine, around 8:45 Friday night.

Carlin said she and her husband often let Jager hang out on the patio, and were shocked when he was gone when they went to bring him inside Friday night.

“He’s a little bit on the timid side,” Carlin said of Jager, “he would never ever leave.”

Carlin said the surveillance video shows a man and a woman lingering outside her building for about 13 minutes, before the woman hops onto the patio allegedly swiping the pup.

“There’s clear footage of this woman taking our dog.”

WATCH: Surveillance video provided to Global News from Carlin

Carlin said her husband went into the nearby Mill Creek Ravine after they discovered Jager was missing in the hope someone may have seen the pair and their dog, but was unsuccessful.

The couple received incredible response on social media from other Edmontonians trying to help locate the two-year-old dog; the hashtag #bringbackjager was trending in Edmonton Saturday afternoon.

The couple believes the response on social media had a major impact in getting their dog back.

“I think it was the pressure, I really do. I think eventually that they saw that we were out there with flyers, we’re all over Twitter, we were all over Facebook. I think finally they said, ‘We got to get rid of this.'”

The couple said they’ve been told police are determined to catch the suspects.


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