Stabbing doesn’t scare off Osborne Village fans

Police investigate a stabbing near the Toad in the Hole pub in Osborne Village at about 1 a.m. Friday. Submitted by Russell Grandbois / Global News

WINNIPEG — Winnipeggers are concerned about a recent rash of stabbings but people in Osborne Village, where a man was stabbed Friday, say they’ll continue to frequent the area.

The overnight stabbing is an isolated issue, they said.

It would be nice to see extra police in the area, said Tim Roth, manager of the Toad in the Hole, which is near the stabbing site.

The stabbing was part of a confrontation between a group of street people and others who were kicked out of another Osborne Village bar.

“Our security team jumped in to help,” Roth said.

“You see police on Friday and Saturday,” he added, but on other days there aren’t many officers in the area.

Cornerstone Bar and Restaurant owner Miles Gould doesn’t believe the stabbing will have a negative impact on his business.

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“I think the area is relatively safe,” he said.

People walking along the street agreed.

“It’s scary but you can’t just stay inside. You have to live your life,” one woman said.

“I personally feel safe. I think there is spill off from other areas that causes problems,” another said.

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