Saint-Laurent officials inspect unsanitary housing

MONTREAL – The mayor of Ville Saint-Laurent is calling for an inspection blitz to put pressure on a property management firm to clean up its apartments.

“There will be massive inspection in virtually all of these buildings to make sure that these buildings are up to the building code,” said Saint-Laurent Mayor Alan De Sousa.

For the last year, the borough has been asking Metcap to clean up most of the 1600 units it oversees after residents complained about vermin, mold, broken fixtures and more.

“We’ve had major issues in regards to the quality of life in all of these apartments,” said De Sousa.

“Whether it be for air quality, water infiltration, extermination of pests or overall cleanliness.”

GALLERY: City officials are calling for an inspection blitz


De Sousa said when the firm first came on the scene, it promised to correct these problems.

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Yet, it hasn’t delivered on its promise even after being billed for the hours city workers put into the project.

“We’ve worked hard with the company to try and find solutions, but so far there is much more that still has to be done,” said De Sousa.

The inspection, focusing on 150 apartments, is planned over the next few weeks.

The borough says if necessary, it will relocate the affected occupants.

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