June 24, 2014 10:35 pm
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WATCH: Deformed dog named Pig latest Internet celebrity


It’s almost impossible not to stare at the dog who’s known as Pig.

Born in Atlanta with severe deformities and adopted by Kim Dillenbeck who lives in Alabama, the eight-month-old mutt has gangly legs, a body that appears to have been chopped in half and no neck.

Pig looks like one of those fake animals created with Photoshop to draw clicks on websites, yet she’s real.

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“She’s missing several inches, probably seven inches of spine, her joints, her hips and her joints, and everything, are way up here at the top, right at the base of what is her spine, and none of them are in the right position,” said Dillenbeck.

The veterinarian who treats Pig said none of the vets who care for the dog have ever seen another animal with the same condition.

Pig runs and plays with other animals despite having a shortened spine, misshapen hips and no neck. She hops like a frog to stand up and walks with a high-shouldered gait that resembles a gorilla.

AP Photo/Jay Reeves

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“The whole clinic loves her. She comes in and she’s a rock star here,” said Dr. Rachael Hudson-Breland.

Found as a puppy with three littermates in a wooded area, Pig is smaller than her surviving siblings at only 15 or so pounds.

Her spine is about seven inches shorter than normal and wavy, with many bones fused together.

Tens of thousands have watched internet videos of Pig online since her debut about a month ago.

Now Pig even has her own Facebook page with almost 4,000 likes.

“I don’t think Pig really knows that she looks different. She runs around, she plays. The only thing with Pig is…she has respiratory issues so when she’s running around she gets a little more tired than most dogs,” said Dr. Hudson-Breland.

And Pig sometimes loses her balance and topples over like a toddler.

Overall, though, Pig is in great shape… for the shape she is in.

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