WATCH: Peter Fassbender speaks to group of teachers

WATCH: Peter Fassbender speaks candidly to a group of teachers.

Education Minister Peter Fassbender took some time away from a fundraising golf tournament for the Liberal Party yesterday, to speak with teachers protesting at the Pitt Meadows course.

The group asked him everything from the¬†government’s negotiation tactics to how his grandchildren are finding the the public school system and just what’s happening to the money that’s being saved by the government during the strike.

At one point, Scott Susin who is a teacher and a parent, handed the Minister class composition information. He’s collected it from teachers in the Lower Mainland. “A lot of people don’t understand what class composition is,” Susin told Global News. “Over the last 10, 12 years a lot of kids are being diagnosed with a lot of different designations…they’re coming into a learning environment, into a school with very little support.”

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MORE: Scott Susin tells Geoff Hastings about his conversation with Peter Fassbender

“For example, you’ve got 36 kids in a chemistry 12 class…where you’re dealing with who knows what,” Susin told Fassbender. “Grade 3/4, 24 students, 15 of them don’t speak English…and there’s no support for that…this is what’s happening in B.C. schools.”

Fassbender told Susin he would take the document and read it over. Susin said he was surprised the Minister came directly to speak to the group and gives him credit for that.


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