Olivia Chow monster truck attack ad targets Rob Ford’s return

NDP MP Olivia Chow rises during Question Period in the House of Commons Monday November 18, 2013 in Ottawa. THE CANADIAN PRESS IMAGES/Adrian Wyld

TORONTO – The Olivia Chow campaign has released two new radio ads taking direct aim at Rob Ford just days before he leaves a Muskoka-area rehab facility and returns to campaigning and work at city hall.

The first 30-second spot sounds more like an ad for a monster-truck rally than a typical campaign ad.  The ad features a distorted voice with a thunderous echo to promote the return of the “most distracting show on earth.”

“It’s back. The most distracting show on earth is returning to Toronto: Rob Ford,” the voiceover says.

“Incredible errors in judgements, billion dollar budget lies—watch him drag your city’s reputation through the mud.”

The second ad asks so-called Torontonians how they are “getting ready for the return of Rob Ford.”

The first, a woman, says she is getting ready to cover her daughter’s ears.

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The second, a man, says he is “getting ready for my relatives in Ireland to call and laugh at me, again.”

And third, another woman, says she is “just generally getting ready to feel embarrassed.”

Rob Ford has been absent from the mayoral campaign since entering a Muskoka-area facility in early May to get treatment for his “problem with alcohol.” He hasn’t been absent from the headlines, however, after repeatedly being caught posing with people while on alleged day-passes in cottage country or after a woman was charged with impaired driving while behind the wheel of his Cadillac Escalade.

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