June 16, 2014 6:45 pm

How Toronto teachers are using the World Cup to teach students


TORONTO – Teachers at Calderstone Middle School in Brampton are turning the beautiful game into a teachable moment.

“The World Cup is something so big globally and everyone is talking about it.  Even in our school, everyone’s talking about World Cup,” Yuvraj Chanda, a grade 7 student, said.

His class is working on a World Cup project.  Each student is responsible for researching World Cup data and using that to determine who they think will win the tournament.

Then students will create a poster for their team.

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“We’re covering geography, media literacy, art as well they’re working through all these different things integrating all these different subjects,” Alex Delo, the teacher, said.

But the project is teaching kids about more than just soccer.

“I didn’t know a lot about different countries until I did this,” Chanda said.

The project is also turning some of the students into soccer fans.  Omar Al-Baalawy says he is a “basketball kind of guy” is now “learning about new players and getting more interested in [soccer].”

And the World Cup phenomena might result in better grades for the more interested students, Delo said.

“When you find subject matter that they’re already excited about and you can frame the curriculum around those things that they’re excited about. It’s easy to engage them it’s easy to get them excited about a project and they’ll want to do a really good job.”

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