Fed up, Chilliwack couple posts crime spree on YouTube

WATCH: A Chilliwack couple fed up with crime on their street is fighting back against thieves with video surveillance and paintball blasts. Randene Neill has their story.

A lot of homeowners can relate to a Chilliwack couple who were so fed up with thieves targeting their yard, they’ve taken measures into their own hands.

Rob and Nicole Iezzi have posted their own surveillance videos on YouTube.

They believe much of it shows the same masked man stealing everything from tools to cigarette butts from their yard – and it has been going on for months.

The Iezzis say they call 9-1-1, but by the time police arrive, the suspect is gone.

It has gotten so bad the Iezzis say they finally, and somewhat embarrassingly, fired at the thief with paintball guns.

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They haven’t seen him since.

Police however, are warning people it’s a dangerous move that could backfire.

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“A lot of people keep saying ‘you shouldn’t leave your stuff out’ or ‘you should have locked your door, or this and that,'” said Rob. “But he shouldn’t have stolen from us.”

Nicole agreed with her husband. “Yes, shame on him,” she said.

Cst. Tracy Wolbeck from the Chilliwack RCMP said they understand the frustration behind property crimes. “We can certainly understand people being frustrated who have been continuously victimized,” she said. “We get that and we try to be everywhere to everybody, but obviously it’s just not possible.”

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“And again, we triage our calls, and our first priority has to be public safety.”


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