New documents allege Rob Ford drunk at City Hall on Easter Monday

WATCH: A security camera in the garage at City Hall captured Rob Ford being escorted to a waiting vehicle after hours and allegedly intoxicated.

TORONTO – As Toronto Mayor Rob Ford prepares to finish his self-imposed stint in rehab by Canada Day, new video and details have emerged allegedly depicting the Mayor intoxicated and entertaining guests at City Hall this past Easter Monday.

This new information stems from email correspondence obtained through a freedom of information request by The Toronto Star.

The email, which was sent from an unnamed security guard to City Hall staffers, and describes events they witnessed on the night of April 21, 2014.

“Hello all, just to fill you in on the events that took place evening with regards to the Mayor,” the email begins.

“At approximately [7:50 p.m.] I received a call via the EMPLOYEE IN intercom from a female by the name of [redacted]. She stated that she was here to see the Mayor, and asked if I had spoken to S/G Toolaram about her arrival?”
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“S/G Toolaram” is assumed to be Mike Toolaram, who served as Ford’s bodyguard for the majority of his mayoral term.

Toolaram was transferred out of City Hall  in early May amid criticism of his aggressive behaviour towards journalists, Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale wrote last month.

After failing to contact Toolaram on his radio, the security guard went to speak him directly at the mayor’s office.

“I knocked on the Mayor’s door and was greeted by the Mayor along with S/G Toolaram. I had asked the mayor if he was expecting a visitor by the name of [redacted] at which point he replied by saying, ‘bring her up,'” the guard wrote, who then allegedly noted the mayor’s peculiar state.

“The Mayor appeared to be intoxicated as he was slurring his words, red in the face, and sweating profusely.”

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Acquiescing to Ford’s request, the guard escorted the woman to the mayor’s reception area at about 7:55 p.m. before returning to the security desk.

Ford’s guest emerged from the mayor’s elevator about 45 minutes later and announced to security she was leaving.

“At approximately [9:30 p.m.] Dwaine Nichol had called the security desk and I had given him an update of the situation.”

Nichol is the director of corporate security for the City of Toronto.

“Dwaine had requested to get a hold of S/G Toolaram and tell him to give him a call.”

Less than 10 minutes later, another unexpected visitor buzzes in.

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“At approximately [9:40 p.m.] Councillor Doug Ford had called via the HAGGERMAN IN intercom, requesting access to park as he had forgotten his card.”

While Coun.Doug Ford was granted access by another guard, they made their way to the mayor’s office, where he relayed information about Nichol’s call and Coun. Ford’s arrival.

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About fifteen minutes after his arrival, Coun. Ford and his brother are seen in the parking garage, heading towards the mayor’s black SUV. As Coun. Ford takes the wheel, Toolaram helps an apparently disoriented Rob Ford into the passenger’s seat.

“The Mayor can be seen stumbling and even falling on the ground before being seated in the vehicle.”

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At about five minutes to 10 p.m., the Ford brothers are seen driving south on Bay Street.