Hidden cash phenomenon comes to Calgary

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FILE: A photo showing Canadian currency spread out on a table. . File photo

CALGARY – A scavenger hunt that sends eager participants scrambling to find envelopes stuffed with free cash has apparently made its way to Calgary.

The hidden cash phenomenon started in San Francisco in May, when an anonymous man with the Twitter handle @HiddenCash began hiding money throughout the city, leading scores of people on a scavenger hunt.

He called it a “social experiment for good.”

The trend spread across California, and then made its way to other U.S. states before spawning copycats in the United Kingdom.

Now it appears to be in Calgary.

A twitter account called @HiddenCashYYC has been created, which claims the first scavenger hunt will take place this weekend.

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When contacted by email, the person behind @HiddenCashYYC declined to appear on camera for an interview, but did provide some insight into why they’re taking part in the trend.

“When I first heard about the original @HiddenCash I was fascinated by it, so I thought ‘Why not do it here in Calgary?’” says the anonymous user in an email reply.

“The reason I am doing this is plain and simple: to bring the “Pay it Forward Movement” to Calgary,” adds @HiddenCashYYC. “Social media is a wonderful tool, but often times it can bring a lot of harm; I want to use Twitter as a way to bring joy to the great people of Calgary.”

“Although the prize is merely cash, I think the whole experience is fun for everyone, and that alone will bring some more happiness to the city.”

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The Twitter user tells Global News they plan on making a few drops per week, or until the money runs out.

“I’m just an average citizen with limited resources, but to me this is a worthwhile adventure to spend a few dollars on,” continues the anonymous user in their email statement.

Twitter-based scavenger hunts for cash have also taken over Toronto and the Vancouver area.