SFU researchers launch a new sleep app

WATCH (above): If you’ve ever suffered from insomnia there’s an app for that. It’s been developed up at SFU, and it allows you to shut down the engines with help random thoughts for a specific purpose. Linda Aylesworth explains.

There are few things in life more frustrating than not being able to fall asleep.  Some people have their remedies like warm milk, white noise or even counting sheep. But if sleep still proves elusive, there’s a new mobile app to help you doze off.

According to its’ makers from Simon Fraser University, the mySleepButton app “hijacks your thoughts” which allows you to drift off by putting on some headphones and picking up your smartphone.

Luc Beaudoin explains the audio used in the app, which is currently only available for Apple users, gets people to imagine the things they’re told to conjure up. It can be anything from football, to giraffes, to french toast.

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“By focusing on a random myriad of items, your mind is preventing sleep-interfering thoughts,” Beaudoin says.

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