Saying goodbye to being Global Edmonton’s Trouble Shooter

It is with such mixed feelings that I leave the Global family to start a new adventure.

I have been offered a senior investigator position with Service Alberta. It was a huge and difficult decision to leave TV, my wonderful Global family, and the job and the viewers I love so much. But it is a great opportunity, and sometimes we have to take a brave step, a leap of faith…and challenge ourselves.

I will still be investigating consumer issues and will now be able to follow them through to the enforcement stage, with fines, charges and even jailtime. (Julie gets a badge, believe it or not. haha) I am looking forward to still being able to help people, just in a new way.

I have loved meeting so many of you, talking to you, and helping as many of you as I could. Having so many of you trust me to tell your stories, is an incredible thing I will always cherish. Trouble Shooter is so very dear to my heart…and will be in my blood forever.

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I have so many favourite memories. I enjoyed talking with victims of romance scams and grandparents scams to expose these schemes and tactics to help protect others. There was the case of the stolen front lawn, getting a $57,000 cheque for condo owners fighting a developer, and bringing together dozens of brides to battle the same defunct wedding decorator. There have been animal cruelty cases, contractor exposes, and every aspect of crime prevention and education imaginable.

I loved the hugs I received from so many seniors and children over the years. Many tears of sadness and tears of joy have been shed in my presence and I have shed a few myself along the way. (after a long hard day, away from the cameras and lights).

One of the most amazing things about being Trouble Shooter has been the response from the public. Often within minutes of airing an investigation on Global…you, our wonderful viewers, would call to offer help for that family or person in need. I remember one story about a contractor who took money from a local senior for a kitchen renovation and never came back. He also left the senior without a stove. After our story aired, companies donated a new stove and labour and materials to finish his kitchen in grand style.

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May 2nd is my last day. Global Edmonton hasn’t yet decided when they will replace me, so the Trouble Shooter will be taking a bit of a break. But I urge viewers to keep sending tips and stories! Global Edmonton cares about consumer issues and crime prevention and will still be here to educate the public and help you get results. Responses to your calls and emails may take longer. Thank you in advance for your patience.

This wasn’t always an easy job, but I loved it.

I learned something every single day, and I will never forget it.

Remember, be your own Trouble Shooter! Research, Get everything in writing, and if it seems too good to be true…then Julie says “don’t fall for it.”

Thank you all for your support.

It has been an amazing 10 years.

Please continue to send in your consumer complaints via email: and over the phone: 780-433-3232.

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