PHOTOS: Squirrel goes nuts after man takes selfie

Supplenupple via Imgur

TORONTO – Never. Trust. A squirrel.

Thanks to Reddit, a series of photos went viral this week of a young man attempting to pose for a photo with a squirrel in Tampa, Florida.

In the first photo, it appears the furry rodent was happy to oblige the young photographer.

“I approached it making a clicking noise with my tongue; phone drawn,” the young man told BuzzFeed. “When I got close enough, the squirrel actually tried grabbing my phone. I shook it off, then snapped this photo.”

Then the animal went squirrely.

Supplenupple via Imgur

“Next thing I knew, the squirrel was on my shoulder, then under my shirt, and then hanging off my back!” he told the web culture site.

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The second photo was snapped by the photographer’s mother, moments before she reportedly collapsed in laughter.

It is often said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  By looking at the mother’s photo of her son running through a forest with an angry squirrel latched onto his back, you can almost hear him screaming.

Perhaps it sounded like this (but with a squirrel):

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