Parents in Vancouver rally to save school district’s music programs

VANCOUVER – The Vancouver School Board is proposing some deep cuts to deal with a $12 million budget shortfall, and school music programs were in danger of getting the axe.

To keep the band and string program going for another year, the school board needs $630,000.

It looks like the program may be saved however, at least for one more year, as during a meeting of the board Tuesday night they said they can find $585,000 towards funding the program.

Concerned parents and students gathered at the Board of Education offices Tuesday afternoon to oppose the cuts and even held an impromptu performance.

“I do have some ideas,” said Patti Bacchus from the Vancouver School Board. “I’ve been working through the weekend with my colleagues and with members of the music community to come up with maybe some kind of an alternative way of delivering this.”

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There will be a final decision on April 30 after another meeting on April 28.



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