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Jimmy Kimmel makes guest appearance on Ford Nation YouTube series


When Jimmy Kimmel told Mayor Rob Ford that the first night he hosted his late night talk show, he was too drunk to remember how it went, the mayor laughed.

“I may have used that excuse one too many times myself.”

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Ford, who is running for reelection and whose drug and alcohol use, erratic behaviour and relationships with both alleged and convicted criminals have been under increased scrutiny, featured the comedian on Ford Nation, the YouTube series he puts on with his brother, councillor Doug Ford.

The meeting came a month after Rob Ford appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, bringing in record ratings for the program.

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The outfit Rob Ford wore on Kimmel’s show, a black suit with a red tie, is memorialized in a bobblehead the mayor says he plans to release Monday to raise money for his campaign. Rob Ford noted Kimmel wore the same outfit during their interview, which took place April 9 over Google Hangouts.

The brothers invited Kimmel to Toronto three times within five minutes – to assist in campaigning for Rob Ford’s re-election, for the Toronto International Film Festival, and to celebrate his and Doug Ford’s birthdays in November.

No plans were made for a visit, though.

“You know the future of Jimmy Kimmel Live! relies on Rob Ford getting re-elected,” Doug Ford said. “So my question is, when are you gonna get your backside up here to save your job and start door-knocking to make sure this guy keeps ya going every single night?”

Kimmel said he wanted to throw “not even a fundraiser, but a fun-raiser,” where “we just have fun, in classic Rob Ford style.”

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“I think that was a great idea I know you did that with one of your shows,” Doug Ford said.

“You got everyone hammered, you fed everyone a bunch of drinks that day. What were you thinking that night, Jimmy?

“When you fed your whole audience a bunch of booze and they were hammered. What were you thinking, what was on your mind that night?”

“I was so drunk I don’t remember what happened that night,” Kimmel said.

“I used that excuse one too many times myself,” Mayor Ford laughed.

Doug Ford asked Kimmel why he chose to “dress like a magician” – recalling the words Kimmel used to describe Rob Ford’s clothes in Marc.

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“When Rob came out to visit, he was wearing a similar outfit,” Kimmel replied. “I admired the look, and I’m dressing like this regularly now.”

Rob Ford, noting that both Kimmel and Doug’s birthdays fall in November, suggested they have two birthday parties.

“There’s no two people I’d rather spend my birthday with than the two of you,” said Kimmel, the first guest to appear on Ford Nation. “And Doug, yeah, for your fiftieth birthday, I would love to be the party clown.”

Doug Ford told Kimmel he’d have to stay at Rob’s house when he visits.

“I’m not just planning to sleep at Rob’s place,” said Kimmel. “Rob, I’m planning to sleep with you, and your wife.”

A laughing Rob Ford offered no response.

The meeting ended with Rob Ford thanking Kimmel for joining the show.

Rob Ford told Kimmel he “appreciates all the support.”

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