BLOG: Morning News Rewind – April 10

Simba was looking for a new home in Adpot a Pet. File / Global News

On Thursday’s Morning News: Charlie Major, Scooter from the Harlem Globetrotters, Simba in Adopt a Pet and de-stressing for exams.

Charlie Major talks with Jessica and performs ‘Friday Nights and You’

Talk about classic country. It was such a pleasure having a Canadian country legend, Charlie Major, in studio this morning.

His sound is exactly what you think country should sound like. He is performing and co-hosting the 25th annual Saskatchewan Country Music Awards this weekend.

It’ll be his first time at the event, so make sure to give him a warm welcome!

Scooter from the Harlem Globetrotters shows Kevin trick or two as they prepare to meet on April 19

For $15, is there anything better than legitimate world-class entertainment?

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The Globetrotters are going to be in town on the 19th and I’m expecting a rompin’, stompin’ good time!

I should know … I have my jersey right beside me. I’m going to make a terrible opponent for them.

If Jessica could have a pet, Simba would be her choice

Oh my goodness, you can’t get much cuter then little Simba. He is a six-year-old surrender and would not stop purring the entire time he was on the show.

I was very very tempted to adopt him, but I had a slight problem: I am not allowed pets in my apartment.

But there’s a good twist to this story, someone filed papers to adopt him right after the show, so let’s keep our fingers crossed it works out and he finds his “fur”ever home!

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Melissa finds out how dogs help University of Saskatchewan students de-stress for exams

There’s something about being in the presence of an innocent animal that instantly brightens up my day. Today I had a chance to see how animal therapy works under so many circumstances.

Students at the U of S will be visiting with dogs like Subi to help reduce the stress that comes along with finals. Colleen also mentioned that she has seen students in the past come to relaxation session not just to distress but also get over a fear of dogs.

In conjunction with the de-stressing session, students will also be getting a lesson on binge drinking by finding out “what their cap” is.

Students at the U of S have joined forces with student health services because research has shown students are more likely to binge drink around exam period as a form stress relief.

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As a healthier alternative, for the first time the university has open up animal therapy to show students there are other ways to get your mind off stressful exams then turning to a bottle.

Jessica and Kevin preview Thursday’s Morning News

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