Hootsuite unites ‘warring kingdoms’ in Game of Thrones spoof

Hootsuite's Game of Thrones spoof. Hootsuite

Vancouver based company Hootsuite, where all your social media accounts can be managed in one place, has released a spoof video ahead of the Game of Thrones premiere.

However, instead of warring kingdoms, there are warring social networks. Each one of the kingdoms featured in Game of Thrones has been re-imagined as one of the social networks that can be managed through Hootsuite.

“Just like at the start of the show, geometric buildings emerge section by section from a flat plane as you fly over them from above. Each of the kingdoms has characteristics and features unique to the social network they represent, from Google’s YouTube coliseum to the big job market of LinkedIn,” Hootsuite wrote on their blog.

Game of Thrones premieres tonight on HBO.

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Meanwhile in New Zealand, Sky TV network has set up a social media experiment to ‘bring down the king’. After building a huge statue of King Joffrey, they are asking people to tweet the hash tag #bringdowntheking. Every tweet turns a wheel connected to a rope around the king’s body. When a million tweets have been sent with that hash tag, the statue will fall and the king will be defeated.

Will you be watching the premiere tonight?


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