Who’s to blame for Calgary’s pothole problems?

CALGARY- The city’s two official seasons—winter and pothole repair—are colliding, and that’s got some drivers riled up.

Crews haven’t been able to get many of the holes filled lately as they work to de-ice snow-covered roads, but the damage has already been done in Calgary’s deep south.

On McIvor Blvd. near Copperfield, temporary fixes are in place where there were a number of damaged manhole covers and potholes. However, at least one driver has fallen victim to the problem in the area.

Aran Burke’s car suffered $2,000 worth of damage after hitting a pothole over the weekend. He says both the city and developers are to blame.

“With all the new areas coming into town, the roads are just terrible,” he complains. “It seems like they just put them up to get new communities booming, and the roads are just falling apart.”

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Burke asked the city to foot the bill for his damage, but found out land developers are actually responsible for that part of the road, even though city crews showed up to fix the offending pothole.

“We are not going to just let citizens drive through this giant pothole,” explains Jessica Bell from the City of Calgary roads department. “We will do a temporary fix and do what we can to make it as driveable as possible.”

Officials say drivers whose vehicles are damaged by potholes should file a claim with both the city and the developer responsible for the area where it happened.

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