Spring not in the air yet

WINNIPEG – Spring hasn’t been too spring like so far.

Usually when geese make their return to Winnipeg so too do warmer days. This year however the early birds — who returned after a recent warm spell — are likely having second thoughts. In fact, it’s been so cold recently, other geese aren’t making the long flight back.

“We’re not getting the geese coming in like we were this time last week when it was in the plus digits and very nice with strong south winds,” said Barret Miller, Special Projects Interpreter at FortWhyte Alive. “We’re just not getting new arrivals right now.”

Winnipeg was again in the grips of a cold snap Tuesday – in what has been -the coldest winter in more than a generation.

The late thaw is having an impact on all aspects of the city.

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At Shooters Golf Centre the only golfing happening over the next few weeks will be on an indoor simluator, because outdoors the snowblowers are working in overdrive.
Grounds crews are clearing lanes on the driving range with the blowers, in hopes of teasing mother nature into melting the snow faster.

But even with the help, a late April opening is slipping away.

“I don’t worry about it being a financial hardship,” said Guido Cerasani, owner of Shooters Golf Centre. “I just worry about the mental state of the people in general, myself included. I’d like to be out there in the warm weather hitting the clubs and playing some golf.”

At Assiniboine park, it’s not time to panic yet but the planting season will be delayed.

To prepare for it, horticulturalists are feeding and watering plants less to slow down their growth.

“We want no more snow,” said Chris Tarrant, a horticulturalist at Assiniboine Park. “We want plus 1, plus 2 [degrees], slow melting, everything starts to melt away. Having it go away in a couple weeks would be great.”