Saskatchewan spending extra $2.2M on licensed daycare spaces

Watch the video above: Sask. spending extra on licensed daycare spaces

SASKATOON – The province is now spending $52.7 million to create 500 new licensed daycare spaces in Saskatchewan, a $2.2 million increase over last year.

Finding daycares in Saskatchewan can often be very competitive and costly for parents.

“As soon as we knew we were expecting we just put our names on the list right away,” said Erin Poitras, whose family lives in Biggar.

“I know in other places it’s hard because you have to pay a certain amount to get a spot.”

Saskatchewan’s population went up by more than 20,000 people last year and the province has one of the youngest demographics in Canada, with many new and expecting parents.

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“Numbers were just released this week on the population. We now have 1,117,503 people living in this province,” said Ken Krawetz, Saskatchewan’s finance minister.

The province said some of the licensed spaces will be located in schools.

Their locations will be chosen based on the population of children in areas as well as the need for these new spaces.

Though, until more spots open, many parents have been left to make difficult decisions.

“I have nieces now. There are three girls under the age of four, so it’s very tough to find three spots for them and they’re probably going to have to split the girls up now,” explained Jana Kinar, a Saskatoon resident.

The province says the new daycare locations will be decided in the next few months.