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BLOG: Morning News Rewind – March 20

Kittens were featured in Adopt a Pet.

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Country rockers Me & Mae, kittens in Adopt a Pet, the provincial budget, a watershed conference, Travel Tips and the High Voltage Classic were featured on a very busy Morning News for Thursday, March 20.

Oh, and happy spring!

Kevin rues not being a part of the High Voltage Classic Ball Hockey tournament

The 29th annual High Voltage Classic Ball Hockey tournament will take on 23rd between 3rd and 4th Aves. this weekend.

Given the number of ball hockey games I see outside nowadays, I lament not hearing about this sooner! I would have been all over pulling a team together.

All the money raised from this (because it’s a charity event!) goes to the Crohn’s and Colitis foundation here in the city. A great cause, and a great event. Also, they have a beer garden, so head down and enjoy it!

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Melissa learns more about a watershed conference taking place in Saskatoon

For the first time, the Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds and the Sask. C & D Association have partnered together to facilitate the annual watershed conference. By doing that, they are hoping to collaborate and work together to address issues that different watersheds may face.

I found it fascinating that the association is solely run by volunteers. There was so much to discuss this morning that I felt that a couple minutes throughout the show made it very difficult to explain. Water affects us all and many different sectors of industries that make are province functional.

The conference will be looking further in-depth on the future of water management in Saskatchewan and hopefully deliver insight on conserving and protecting source water with economic, environmental and social values for future generations.

In Travel Tips, Kevin learns the best way to exchange currency

You hear all these credit card commercials that talk about how awesome it is to use your MasterVisa Express when you need to buy perogies from a roadside baba in Minsk. Who happens to have access to a debit machine.

Instead, our travel guru Barb from Ixtapa is more in favour of taking out denominations from a local ATM. Be sure you phone your bank and let them know you’re heading out, as well. Wouldn’t want a lockdown now, would ya?

Zach Jeffries discusses with Joelle how the provincial budget will benefit Saskatoon

I had the opportunity to sit down with city councillor Zach Jeffries following the provincial budget announcement yesterday.

This was a great opportunity to get more local clarification on what the budget announcement means for the two major bridge projects in Saskatoon. While the City of Saskatoon has applied for P3 funding from the federal government, the announcement yesterday only touched on the development of the north parkway commuter bridge, and neglected to mention the downtown traffic bridge.

I asked Zach what this means, and he reminded me that these things take time, but yesterday’s announcement was definitely a step in the right direction. He hopes that by the end of 2017, the north parkway commuter bridge will be well underway, providing another option for commuters in Saskatoon.

If anyone has been on the Circle Drive North commute during rush hour, they know the frustration of long waits and traffic delays. Jeffries told me that on any given day, there are around 100,000 drivers on that roadway! With a north parkway bridge, that number could be halved.

Only time will tell when it comes to the bridge development projects in Saskatoon, but with the government announcing their support for the commuter bridge, we can be cautiously optimistic that change is on the way.

Is Me and Mae another band for Kevin to add to his playlist?

On their media tour right now, the band “Me and Mae” describes their sound as a barn burner. It’s hardly of any surprise – the rich vocals and upbeat guitar melodies they strolled in with today had Jess and I boodlybopping (sorry for speaking Cosby-ese a moment ago, there).

They have the sort of sound that you could see (hear) on the radio, so check them out, and be a Me and Mae hipster.

Jessica was smitten by Lulu and Minnie, two kittens up for adoption at the Saskatoon SPCA

These were the most docile kittens we have had on our show… ever!! Absolutely adorable. Minnie was laying down playing and purring the whole time, and Lulu was just staring at Kevin and I with the most loving eyes.

The Saskatoon SPCA has a number of positions they are recruiting volunteers for. If you’re interested, on April 3 there is an opportunity for you to ask questions to current board members at the shelter and nominate yourself!

The new members will be chosen at the Annual General Meeting will be held on April 24.

Jessica and Kevin preview Friday’s Morning News


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