Tony Clement tweets upside down Ukrainian flag

Tony Clement tweeted this photo
Tony Clement's version of the Ukrainian flag. . Instagram

Treasury Board President Tony Clement took to social media Thursday to let his 37,400 followers know he’ll be presenting the Ukrainian flag in his riding of Huntsville, Ont.

Only trouble was it was upside down.

Instead of blue atop yellow in the two-tone flag, Clement posed in front of a flag that showed yellow atop blue.

“I will be presenting this #Ukraine flag to Town of #Huntsville to express solidarity with the people of Ukraine,” Clement tweeted around 9:30 a.m., linking to his Instagram photo.

When someone pointed it out, Clement replied:

In an email, Clement’s spokeswoman said he’s sorry.

“The Minister apologizes for and regrets the error. However, his expression of solidarity with the people of Ukraine is sincere,” wrote Heather Domereckyj.

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Oh – and she’s Ukrainian.

Check out the corrected version below: