Premier Redford suggests rules be changed to allow family members on government flights

CALGARY – Just one day after Premier Alison Redford agreed to pay back part of her travel tab, she’s suggesting the rules for flights on government planes be changed.

Redford has come under fire for weeks over her travel expenses, including a trip where she took her daughter and her daughter’s friend on a government plane.

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The trip sparked hot debate in the legislature after a member of the opposition brought forward a 2004 Auditor General report, which says no family members other than spouses invited to attend an event, should be allowed on government flights.

Premier Redford is suggesting that it may be time to have a new Alberta government travel policy in place that better reflects the balance of work commitments and family time.

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She believes that it’s time for the Auditor General to review a ban on family members using government planes.

Redford denies trying to deceive Alberta taxpayers.

“It has never been my intention, and never been my intention, in any way to trick the taxpayers of Alberta,” Redford said in question period.

Alberta NDP Leader Brian Mason fired back saying that there are plenty of Alberta government employees who are mothers and who are not allowed to bring their children to work.

“Why does the premier believe that she is so entitled that she can do it, when the employees that work for her, that work for this government are not allowed to do so?” asked Mason.

Deputy Premier Dave Hancock is now suggesting that seats that are free on government aircraft should be available without charge to relatives of not only the premier, but all MLAs.

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