People upset over possible park land purchase

FILE photo of Calgary, Alberta.
FILE photo of Calgary, Alberta. The Canadian Press Images/Larry MacDougal

Some residents of the inner-city are voicing their objections to a prominent Calgarian’s proposal to buy a piece of park land.

Signs protesting the sale have started to appear around Mount Royal.

The piece of public property sits on top of Hillcrest Avenue in the city’s southwest.

The park borders the Mount Royal and Cliff Bungalow neighbourhoods.

Representatives from both communities say they are opposed to the sale.

“A group of community members have started a petition and it’s currently at around 600 and growing and people have been very vocal,” says Darlene Bruce with the Mount Royal Community Association. “People have put up signs and we have received constant emails – people have been very upset about this for about a year now.”

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Don Taylor, a Calgary businessman and philanthropist wants to buy the park as part of a plan to develop a large home next to the site.

He’s promising $50-thousand to the Calgary Parks Foundation if the city approves the deal.