Canadians check their smartphones every 10 minutes: Poll

“This is Your Out,” is a Waterloo, Ont., startup that aims to save people from embarrassing and awkward social situations with the press of a button. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

TORONTO – What did you do in the last ten minutes? Did you make a cup of coffee, type an email, or check your smartphone for any new notifications?

Don’t worry if you said yes to the last one – it seems the majority of Canadians are compulsive smartphone-checkers.

According to a new poll by Harris/Decima  for CIBC, the average Canadian smartphone owner admits to checking their device six times per hour.

That means that most smartphone users are pulling out the device over 100 times a day hoping to see a text message, Facebook notification, or another like on an Instagram photo.

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Turns out that B.C. smartphone owners are the most addicted, using their phones an average of nine times an hour.

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Not so addicted are Canadians on the East Coast, who check their phones less than three times per hour, on average.

It may come as no surprise, but Canadians aged 18 to 24 were the worst offenders for not being able to keep their eyes off their phones, checking their devices up to 10 times per hour.

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