Mexican mother can stay in Montreal until custody hearing

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MONTREAL – Ivonne Hernandez was told on Tuesday that she is able to stay in Montreal until March 6.

A federal court has ruled that the Mexican mother of a one-year-old boy can stay until the date of her custody hearing.

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Hernandez is trying to regain custody of her son. When she and her husband separated, she lost custody due to her lack of legal status.

Hernandez currently has no legal status in Canada. She first came to the country in 2009 and filed for refugee status, a claim that was rejected in 2011.

While in Canada, she married a Canadian citizen, with whom she had a son.

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When she left her husband, she sought help from a woman’s shelter, saying that she had been the victim of domestic abuse.

It is understood that her former husband notified immigration officials after Hernandez had the courage to speak out about being abused at home.