Quebec charter hearing witness terrified of zombies

MONTREAL – The head of a charity who has worked with Quebec immigrants for more than 20 years startled many with an analogy during her testimony at hearings into the province’s proposed charter of values.

After suggesting that if Mormons come to Quebec to spread their faith, they should be expelled, Line Chaloux, a director at the Coffret à Saint-Jérôme, then went on to articulate her terror of what she described as zombie “protests.”

“In my life, the thing that made me the most frightened were zombie protests,” she said.

“It happened when I was in Paris and found myself in the midst of a zombie protest. We were terrified by seeing these people walking freely in the city and little children were wailing with fear.”

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“There are groups who, in order to express their support of certain ideologies, are found in the general population and we are confronted by things that we would never choose. We would never choose to be amongst zombies.”

Chaloux noted that in Montreal zombie protests were already taking place.

She was referring to the annual Montreal Zombie Walk, which has happened every October for the past three years and is attended by thousands of people.

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Her startling metaphor was an attempt to illustrate her disapproval of being masked or dressed inappropriately while protesting.

“We shouldn’t be allowed to wear masks during a protest or be disguised or wear signs that don’t respect human dignity.”

Chaloux also said she was in favour of Bill 60 and hoped that it would reconcile all of the communities in her area, including Quebec’s indigenous populations.

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“If we want to make one country, we must include all who live there,” she said.

Her testimony comes on the heels of that of Genevieve Caron and her husband Claude Pinault. The couple revealed their shock at the customs around visiting a mosque earlier in January.

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Bernard Drainville, the Minister for Democratic Institutions considered the creator of the proposed charter, praised the Chaloux for her testimony on Thursday.

“Thank you for your testimony, which was marked by serenity and dignity. There is wisdom in what you have shared.”

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