Dog club wants splash park for pooches

A Winnipeg dog club wants some major improvements to their off-leash park and they’re hoping city councillors will want to play ball.

They’re proposing the installation of dog water fountains, washing stations, and Canada’s first ever dog splash pad.

“The idea here is to give dogs a healthy alternative to swimming in the ponds at the park,” said Donna Henry, President of Kilcona Park Dog Club.

The reasoning behind the plan is because some dog owners are wary of how clean the stagnant pond water is.

“If you’re anywhere around the ponds you’ll see water quality warning signs, keep your pets out of the water, don’t drink the water, and don’t go in the water,” said Henry.

And park goers agree with Henry about the water quality.

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“The dogs in the summer get so hot and it would help keep them out of the lagoon…it’s very contaminated,” said one dog owner.

The hot weather also means the dogs get thirsty fast, but there’s no way to quench their thirst.

“I know when we come in the summer when it’s 30 C we can to carry water with us,” said dog owner Ed Strauman.

If all goes as planned, Kilcona Park could get dog drinking fountains in two years, washing stations in three years, and the splash pad will be ready for the pooches in four years.

The club is hoping to raise money from members, corporate sponsors, and hopefully the city.

The group makes its first pitch to a city hall committee next week.

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