Conservative group launches campaign to oust Calgary MP Rob Anders

A Conservative group based in Calgary is trying to oust controversial MP Rob Anders.

The website has the goal of replacing Anders with a new Conservative candidate in the riding of Calgary Signal Hill (formerly Calgary West) before the next federal election in 2015.

The website says after 17 years with Anders as MP, it’s time for a change. It invites Calgarians to buy a party membership which would entitle them to vote at the riding’s next nomination meeting.

The local lawyer behind the website claims former Alberta health minister Ron Liepert is a possible candidate to replace Anders.

Anders calls Liepert a “Red Conservative.”

“I am a social conservative; I don’t run away from that and Ron Liepert can answer that question,” says Anders.  “I think there’s a clear choice here. I think he’s going to try to sign up a thousand Liberals.”

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Anders blames the attempt to oust him on his support for the provincial Wildrose Party.

The MP is known for falling sleeping during a veteran affairs committee meeting and denouncing former South African president Nelson Mandela as a terrorist.

Anders says the nomination process will start later this year.