Lethbridge launches snow removal survey; residents frustrated with past issues

Click to play video: 'Lethbridge launches snow removal survey, residents frustrated with past issues'
Lethbridge launches snow removal survey, residents frustrated with past issues
The City of Lethbridge is looking for feedback on recent changes to the snow and ice control program, and they'll likely be getting an earful. Residents say plows have been clearing the streets just fine, but they're dumping the snow problems on them. Micah Quintin reports on a new city survey and how some people are planning to respond – Mar 18, 2024

A new snow route network has Lethbridge residents feeling frustrated.

The changes were brought in last year affecting 80 kilometres of roadway around the city.

Rod Peake lives in the Uplands neighbourhood and said he had a horrible experience back in January when 32 inches of snow was plowed onto the side of his driveway, boxing him in.

“There’s a lot of elderly people on this block and the concern was how do you get a gurney over something that’s 32 inches high?”

Peake said he’s hoping the city’s new survey will be able to rectify those issues.

“We need a new system and snow removal. And after that January snow, it snowed a couple more times and the plows didn’t even come down (the street),” added Peake.

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Staff with the city said the snow needs to be put somewhere and that it’s a common practice in other communities to plow snow right next to driveways.

“Municipalities are just asking residents to help with these kinds of programs and shovel their driveways, and place the snow adjacent to the driveways, on the curb or grass or wherever they find space,” said Juliane Ruck, City of Lethbridge transportation operations manager.

Larry Loxton moved to Lethbridge in 1959 and has lived by the intersection of 17th Street North and 2nd Avenue North since 1990.

He said he had similar problems with the snow route program.

“The snow removal is good. It’s just that they’re putting so much back up on the areas we have to shovel all the time. I’m 70-some years old and I have to shovel from old Harry’s all the way up to my back alley,” said Loxton.

According to the city, survey results will be made public and will be taken into consideration for the next winter season with full details presented to city council in June.

Click to play video: 'Lethbridge snow removal responsibilities made clear'
Lethbridge snow removal responsibilities made clear

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